Monday, February 20, 2017

Right Man Right Woman

Before you begin your Bible study, as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, be sure you have named your sins privately to God the Father.
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
(Known, Unknown and Forgotten sins) (1Jn 1:9)

You will then be in fellowship with God, Filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to learn Truth from the Word of God.

"God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth," (Joh 4:24)

Right Man Right Woman


          Other than believing in Jesus Christ, which is the greatest decision in life, the next most important decision any member of the human race can make is that of choosing the right person as a lifetime partner. The right man must find the right woman; the right woman must find the right man. Anything else is — as close as you will come to that phrase (Which is a misnomer) — “hell on earth.” Hell is in hell, and it’s future; but if anyone wanted to describe “hell on earth” in one sentence marriage to the wrong woman or to the wrong man would be it! One of the greatest causes of suffering in life comes from marrying and or marrying the wrong person.
          The past generation seems to be made up of a preponderance of people who made a mistake in their marriage! Most of them have enough fortitude to stick it out — for the sake of the children or society, or their jobs. Sadly enough, since young people today have even less integrity than the past generation, they are going to make the same mistake because of the widespread use of drugs and alcohol, the rise of the neo-gypsy movement, the loose attitude toward sex, and the phasing out of the Bible.
          The reasons for marrying the wrong person are numerous: a person is on a wave of libido; (Sexual desire) he is living in panic palace; he is lonely; his friends are all getting married and he is left behind; he uses as an excuse some difficult or bitter situation at home. You young people who have yet to make the decision for marriage would do well to take note of these tragedies and avoid them at all costs. The only hope of this present generation, as in any generation, is the Word of Truth.
          Through a Spiritual knowledge of Truth, you will acquire the Spiritual maturity to know that loneliness or a rapport which occurs in friendship is never enough reason for marriage. The anguish of soul and the misery which can come from making this fatal mistake can never be calculated; and were it not for Truth, those who make this mistake would not survive. Many of you are suffering terribly right now because you have dreams, but you do not have the reality of those dreams! (False human reality vs. GOD'S REALITY)
          Now there is much adverse reaction to the Doctrine we are about to discuss. One reason that so many of us have a difficult time adjusting to what is so obviously God’s will and God’s Word, is that for years we have been guilty of every type of malpractice. While some would never step out of line overtly, in the mind many people who have been married or single for years have sublimated by having a mental romance with others — someone in your church or in an organization or social circle where you travel constantly. The fact that you have a mind that wanders, the fact that many of you have a physical relationship with your opposite number, and yet he or she is never in your mind, undoubtedly explains your reaction to this Truth!
          I want you to ask yourself some important questions:  is the romantic image you have set up in your mind more important than the Word of Truth? Is anything more important than God and His Thinking? (NOTHING IS!)
          You young people must not allow the adverse reaction of the older generation to affect in anyway your understanding of the Truth of right man — right woman, for there is for each of you a right man or a right woman, and that right man or right woman is worth waiting for. Do not be snowed by the comments you might hear from certain adults who are merely grown-up children, such as, “Well, there are a number of women with whom I could be happy.” (Or vice versa) As we examine the Scripture on the subject, you will discover that the Truth of right manright woman is illustrated by the Lord and the Church, or the Lord and Judah. Just as there is one Lord for the believer, so there is one man for one woman. Few will deny the first half of this analogy; many deny the second. But the Scripture is equally clear on both. Therefore, it becomes important to study the passages which establish the authenticity of this Doctrine. 


          We find that many women resent their role in the world. Today we even have the Women’s Liberation Movement. But the woman’s punishment in the Garden determined her role in life. God is absolute justice and cannot be unfair; for this reason, the woman’s place is fair and right because it is God’s plan for her. In order to understand this, we must begin with the creation in, (Gen 2:21-25) where the pattern of the right man — right woman was established.

          So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man." (Gen 2:21-23)

          The time between the creation of man and man’s original sin is unknown; but it was apparently long enough for it to become a test. How time was measured in perfection is also unknown. The fact that there was day and night from Genesis, Chapter 1, in the restoration of the earth, would indicate that there was a 24- hour day. Apart from that, we have no measurement of time except that it is assumed that a long time elapsed before the man and the woman got around to sinning, (Around, one hundred years; Gen 4:25; Gen 5:1-7)
          Everything that occurred during the time that man and woman lived in perfection in the Garden was of-course, happiness and pleasure! One of the characteristics of perfection was perfect environment. Sex and the relationship between the man and the woman was a part of perfect environment. However, when man acquired a sin nature and was no longer under any condition of perfect environment, a question arises immediately: is it possible to perpetuate something from the age of perfection and still have all of the glory and the blessing for which the relationship of the right man and the right woman was designed? The answer is YES! (Only maximized by living as Spiritually mature believers; in the Spiritual life; Rom 4:20)
          When God designed right man — right woman before man sinned, and when God perpetuated this on the other side of sin, He made provision for this relationship to be of utmost happiness. In fact, we are actually going to study a verse a little later in which it says in effect that although unbelievers may have a miserable life, they will derive from the marriage relationship fantastic happiness, even in the midst of all other sorrows and difficulties of life, if they find their right man or right woman. Such is the case in the relationship between the man and the woman described in Genesis 2. 
          In, (Gen 2:20) we find that Adam is busy giving names “to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field...” Adam was a genius:  he was able to categorize all of creation without having anyone or anything after which to name all of these categories. Now, inevitably, there comes a time when the “five o’clock whistle blows,” and man is through with his work. No matter how tired he is, he wants to play or relax. Apart from something designed for man to express all that is in his soul and all that is in his body, it is also inevitable that he is going to be lonely.   As Adam went through the animal kingdom naming the animals, it became obvious that he could not be on a basis of intimacy with the animal creation... “...But for Adam there was not found a helper suitable for him.” Adam was actually designed so that BY HIMSELF he could never be fulfilled as a member of the human race. The word “helper” in the Hebrew means more than just helper. It denotes implementation and fulfilment. “Suitable” means counterpart or complementary part:  the part that fits; him. While man in his original creation had a soul, a spirit and a body, man is not an island unto himself. He needed a counterpart. There had to be something that fitted him completelysoulishly, Spiritually, physically, and in every way that two members of the human race go together.
          God had no intention of allowing Adam’s loneliness to continue; and just as God provided for Adam, so God has provided for every member of the human race in one of two ways: He provides either a right man or right woman; or He provides a particular Spiritual gift for a few believers in order to function without a counterpart. This was the case of Paul. He had the Spiritual gift of celibacy. This gift is rare and is used within the framework of God’s plan. But the general design for the human race is that for every man God has designed a female counterpart and that one without the other is incomplete.
          So the Lord, (Jehovah Elohim — Jesus Christ) caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam. While he slept, God took out one of his ribs, and from this rib would come a lot of man’s happiness as well as a lot of man’s troubles. I often think that the Lord may have chuckled at this point. However, in perfect environment, without a sin nature and with benefit of constant visitation from God, it was impossible to have any marital problems.
          From the rib which He had taken from man, the Lord made a woman. The Hebrew word for “made” here is “banah,” rather than any of the usual words for “create.” “Bara,” which means “to make something out of nothing,” and “asah,” which means to make something out of something,” both emphasize the creation of the soul, with reference to essence and personality. A third word, “jatsar,” means “to fashion” or “to mold,” but is used for the creation of the male body only. When it came to making woman — and I love this — the word used means “to build.” God BUILT a woman. “Banah” emphasizes the body rather than the soul.
          The soul is the “image of God.” God’s essence is invisible and the soul is invisible. The real person is not seen, though the essence of the soul becomes manifest. It has self-consciousness, mentality, volition, emotion, conscience, and, after the fall, an old sin nature. The woman had a soul, but her body is emphasized in this statement. We could never improve on either the phraseology or the Concept. She had to be perfect because God built her. Anything God makes is perfect. Her beauty must have been beyond anything we can imagine.
          Adam didn’t know what he needed, but God Knewand this is very important He brought the woman to the man! He did not hide her somewhere and tell Adam to find her; God brought her to him. Every time the right man and the right woman get together, whether believer or unbeliever — remember that this is for the human race — there is a sense in which God brings it about; He brings the woman to the man. Now, this doesn’t mean that you sit in the park and wait until what appears to be an angel leads a beautiful doll right to your park bench. That is misapplication of the faith-rest technique!
          We also have the panic-button crowd who think that the first Christian they meet is their opposite number. Then we have the cynical crowd who don’t believe the Truth of the right man right woman. And there’s the philandering crowdthe haremsville bunch who say, “One woman me? Huh!” In between, there are those who sit tight and exercise faith-rest.
          There is a principle involved in God’s bringing the woman to the man:  God always provides in grace. When it came to the Cross, God provided Salvation through Jesus Christ. We do not deserve it; we cannot earn it.

          For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it (Salvation) is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. (Eph 2:8-9)

          As believers, we are under the “much more” grace of God:

          He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? (Rom 8:32)

          When God brought the woman to the man, He did not bring a creature with two heads, called a female; He didn’t bring two creatures — two women; nor did He bring half a creature. He brought one for one! Adam responded to this gift. He took one look at her and saw immediately that she was different from him, since they were both naked; but he also recognized that she was his counterpart. Adam and learned Truth personally from the Lord Jesus Christ every day in the Garden, and he applied Truth immediately.
          There is a principle here for us:  when we wait on the Lord, we will have that time of being alone. But when that time is properly used for taking in Bible Truth, it is the best possible preparation for appreciating your right woman when the Lord brings her along. Don’t knock being alone with God it is not loneliness! It has dangers, since we are out of the Garden; but when being alone, is of the Lord and it is used to take in Truth, it is the greatest thing in the world! It is better to be alone than tied down to the wrong man or the wrong woman!
          Before Adam had been put to sleep, he had been naming the animals; and so the first thing he thought to do upon awaking was to give the woman a name. Recognizing her as his counterpart, he said, “This is now bone of my bones (Apparently he was clued in about the rib) and flesh of my flesh...” (Gen 2:23) In other words, she had a human body; and although different from Adam’s, it was one of his own species. “She shall be called Woman,”  he concluded. The Hebrew word “Ishah”; (Pronounced “ee-shah”) is beautiful — much more euphonious, (Pleasant sounding) than the Greek word for woman, “gune” (Pronounced “goonay”). Adam explained that he called the woman “Ishah” because she was taken from “Ish” — the man.

          For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed. (Gen 2:24-25).

          Since neither Adam nor Eve had a father and a mother, why did God bring in the in-law concept here? This passage establishes a precedent: even though in-laws did not exist, they WILL. Knowing that interference from parents would be one of the greatest dangers to marriage, God firmly established the principle of separation, which was to be applied from the beginning of time, to the end of human history. Before in-laws ever existed, they are told to keep their noses out of their children’s business when the children become adults. If you are twenty or twenty-one, you can’t train them, period! So keep your nose out of their business! When anyone leaves his father and his mother, he becomes responsible for his own decisions. A man who asks a woman to marry him is responsible for that decision. A woman who accepts some “monster” is responsible for her decision. 

          In, (Gen 2:24) God sets forth the Divine institution of marriage: “and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” In other words, Adam and Eve had sex in the Garden — perfect sex — right man — right woman! Under this Truth, sex was one of the highest expressions of their relationship, and one which cannot be duplicated on this side of the old sin nature. 
          It is not to be cheapened or distorted in anyway. Distortions come from the sin nature and or from Satan. Distortions will emphasize sex without the right man --- right woman, soul and or Spiritual life! But you cannot divorce one from the other; in the true Concept which God designed. It is designed to be a perfect relationship, and therefore, certain things are prohibited. For example, adultery is prohibited, as it puts scar tissue on the soul. Any scar tissue on the right bank of the soul has an effect upon the wonderful relationship which God has designed. Other distortions are, of course, homosexuality and Lesbianism. A Feminine soul was never designed to go with a feminine soul, and vice versa. Bestiality is also forbidden.
          Where does Satan enter the picture? In the last thirty years there has been an unparalleled movement to break down Virtue morality in our country. Satan, through the communist conspiracy and other media, has been very successful in promoting this breakdown. Obedience to Laws, which was designed by God to protect a nation, (Mat 8:8-12) also protects the relationship of right man — right woman. How well Satan has succeeded in his attempt to pervert God-designed sex, is evident everywhere today in such practices as wife-swapping, pornographic activity, emotional concepts and polygamy. The entire emphasis of sex has been relegated to the physical only, so that the thing which makes it so marvellous and wonderful — the soul relationship and Spiritual lifehas been wiped out! 
          When frustration becomes intense enough, escapism and false stimuli are substituted, which include heavy drinking, the use of dope and other things to produce physical stimuli apart from that which God designed. Since sex was designed for both believers and unbelievers. God has set down certain laws that apply to both in this respect: protection of sex as an expression of the coalescence of the soul and therefore, the forbidding of adultery and perversion which takes sex out of its context.
          No nation has survived a maximum number of sex distortions, as illustrated by Sodom and Gomorrah in, (Gen 19:1-29). The Greeks in the Age of Pericles became decadent and declined because of their homosexuality and resultant drinking. Both the Athenian and Spartan civilizations declined for the same reason. When the Romans came in contact with the Greeks, who were living in Southern Italy, and learned to drink wine and took on the perversions of the Greeks, there was a gradual breakdown of their own standards, and the destruction of the Empire became inevitable.
          Sex was designed — and this may shock some of you — for the right man and right woman, and no one else! I have in my possession a paper which is being written for a Doctor’s Degree in psychology in which the author demonstrates from psychology that there is such a thing as a right man for the right woman. How does he prove it? From the angle of sex. You see, the concept of right man — right woman belongs to the unbeliever as well as to the believer. The key is in sex. Anything that existed in the Garden had to be wonderful.  It still exists, and it is still wonderful; however, today we have an old sin nature, which often drastically fouls up the situation. (1Co 7:1)
          God explained to the first right man — right woman --- “joined to his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” The right man and right woman are to become one, and they are only one when they are united in the SOUL! And I want you to understand something else: they were both naked — the man and his woman, AND they were not ashamed. In this respect, there are two types of people —  those who might be classed as exhibitionists; who are not ashamed of their body at all, and don’t mind letting everyone know just how much voluptuousness is tied up in one package; and the shy, “I-want-my-privacy” type. Of course, when the exhibitionist gets a few scars or wrinkles, all that changes. But the right man and the right woman can be naked together, no matter which category they come under and —get this— not be ashamed.
          Now remember, the principle of right man — right woman occurred in perfection, before sin and before children. It was designed for RECREATION and happiness. Procreation was secondary. The idea that sex is only for the purpose of having children is a distortion promoted by religion — not Christianity. Religion always has a certain amount of asceticism. Distortions of sex come just as much from asceticism as from lasciviousness or promiscuity. Distortions of asceticism lead to a guilt reaction in the soul.
          Now we move over into the New Testament where, (Gen 2:24) is restated, and we are introduced to a new concept which had not been revealed in the Old Testament.


          FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND SHALL BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH. This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church. Nevertheless, each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself, and the wife must see to it that she respects her husband. (Eph 5:31-33)

          (Eph 5:31) is a quote from the “precedent” passage in Genesis. As we have seen, this is love expressed in sex. The original marriage ceremony was sex; and that was practiced throughout human history for several thousand years. Today we have refined it a little. Now this passage further reveals that the institutions of marriage illustrate a tremendous Spiritual Truth. “This is a great mystery.” A “mystery” in the Bible is not something mysterious; it is Truth not known in the Old Testament, and or made known to unbelievers and non Spiritually mature believers --- but now revealed; (1Co 2:6; Heb 5:14) and it is always a revelation of some facet of Truth. So the mystery here is not sex, but the oneness of Christ and the Church!
          At the moment of Salvation, we are placed by the Holy Spirit into union with Christ. This is the baptism of the Spirit and is, as it were, the marriage of the BELIEVER TO CHRIST. We are designed to be in Him and to complete Him. As the husband gives of himself and his substance to his wife; so Christ gives us His life, (Eternal life) His priesthood, His heir-ship, His kingdom, etc. For every believer there is only one Saviour, one Lord, one way of Salvation; and this is analogous to one man for one woman!
          Now, as the woman is the glory of the man, (1Co 11:7) so the believer’s union with Christ is manifested in the reflected glory of God. This glory comes from what is called the “edification complex” of the soul. Every person has a soul, which, though invisible, is the real person. But for the believer in Jesus Christ, there is an edification complex for each soul, just as there is a right man for a right woman. The edification complex, (Spiritual life) is the reflected glory of God, in the believer’s soul; (Gal 5:22-23) and is based upon receiving the Bible in our Spiritual Thinking, which is the Mind of Christ. (1Co 2:16) cf. (Joh 4:24The word “edification” in the Greek is the act of building or constructing a structure. The Christian Life is a continual building or growing process toward Spiritual maturity and beyond! (1Co 14:20; Eph 4:13-15; Heb 5:14)

           Until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ. (Eph 4:13)

          A Spiritually mature believer will have ten “floors” in the edification complex.

          How do you have full Spiritual knowledge of Truth in the human spirit? At the moment of Salvation, the believer is given a “grace apparatus for perception” (Operation Z) composed of the indwelling of God the Holy Spirit and the activated human spirit. The human spirit enables the believer to fully understand and use Truth. (1Co 2:9-16) Truth is cycled through the human spirit into the right lobe where it is then ready for application.
          But how well the believer actually does understand or use Truth depends on the daily function of Operation Z. Bible Truth must be taken into the mind, where it becomes “gnosis” (Knowledge understood only — (Eph 3:19); “epignosis” or full knowledge surpasses “gnosis” — knowledge in the mind). When Truth is taken in and understood in the mind, you do not agree or disagree at this point. However, if it is believed, it is then transferred automatically by faith to the human spirit where it becomes, “epignosis” (Spiritual knowledge possessed). It must then be cycled back up into the right lobe (Norm and standard lobe) for Divine Thinking and more advanced Truth. This helps in finding your right man or right woman, right job, car, computer etc., EVERYTHING MUST BE FROM GOD'S LEADING; or we have the WRONG EVERYTHING in life!
          When the grace apparatus for perception is functioning daily, the NEW SPRITUAL BRAIN begins to BUILD in the soul; (Eze 11:19) and just as the edification complex BUILDS UP IN the soul, so the right man fulfils the right woman!
          “Nevertheless” each individual among you also is to love his own wife even as himself...” (Eph 5:33) Literally, this phrase says, “However, each one of you keep on loving his woman according to the standard of one...” The “standard of one” is right man — right woman — one for one! Love here, (“Agapao” in the Greek) is a mental attitude love which comes from the soul. The man must initiate from the soul, for the design is in the soul as well as in the body. His capacity for this type of love is enhanced by the edification complex. (Temple in the soul) “Agapao” for the believer is developed from two standpoints: the filling of the Spirit, (Rom 5:5) and the edification complex. (1Jn 2:5)
          “As himself” indicates a soul aggression. Unless a person is abnormal, it is impossible for him to be indifferent to himself. In the right man - right woman relationship, the man can only please himself in the full sense of the word by fulfilling the right woman. (Eph 5:28) Since the body of the right woman becomes the body of her right man, her body really belongs to the man. He is the custodian of both her body and her soul: of her body and of her soul in Spiritual fellowship. When the right man and the right woman have coalescence of both soul and body, the benefit is mutual.
          What about the wife? Is she to love the man? She is not so commanded, for if it is a right man - right woman relationship, that will never be a problem. Through out this passage the husband is commanded to love the woman, but never vice versa. “And the wife sees that she reverence her husband.” “Reverence” is the present middle subjunctive of “phobeo,” meaning “to fear.”  Is this saying that when you walk into the house, you bellow, “Woman!” whereupon she trembles and cowers on the floor? Of course not!
          Obviously, “phobeo” has another connotation besides fear, and that is respect admiration or occupation with. (Obey and stay in fellowship with) The right woman may have Personal Virtue love and Impersonal Virtue love for the right man at different times; yet in fellowship with God the Holy Spirit, she will admire and respect him at all times. Her feelings toward the right man will always be strong. The key is Virtue loveand respect! That is the normal Spiritual response to the right man.
          However, your emotions can betray you. Beware of becoming sentimental about a man whom you do not respect. Life is too short; forget him! If you can’t respect a man, ladies, give him a wide berth. If you are a born-again believer and you are cycling Truth from the human spirit into your right lobe as a frame of reference, part of that frame of reference is what the Bible teaches about right man — right woman, and you will understand that true Virtue love is based upon the Spiritual life. (Gal 5:22-23)


          No two women have the same type of soul, because the woman’s soul was designed in eternity past for one man to fulfil. The right man fulfils each facet of the soul, beginning with SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. He goes into her soul, and she can’t get rid of him; she can’t shake him. She may hate him at times, and she may love him at times; she may respect him, and she may despise him but he’s there! He was designed to be there.
          In the MENTALITY and CONSCIENCE of the soul, the right man enters both lobes so that she thinks of him in a thousand different ways. It may be complimentary, happy or sad, love or hate; she may think in terms of admiration; in terms of “Why did he do that to me?” — But she thinks about him! Someone else may come along and enter her mind for a minute; but he goes right on through and out again. There’s just one right man!
          In the VOLITION of the soul, the right woman wants to please and to honour this man. From positive volition, when the right man enters her soul, she says, “Yes, my lord,” and she is never more glorious or glamorous! There is nothing degrading about recognizing one man as her lord. In fact, to the contrary, she becomes the glory of that man! She possesses a glory there that will never occur in any other way.
          When the right man enters the EMOTION of the right woman’s soul, no one will ever replace him. The Duke of Marlborough, one of the great leaders in English history, married a wonderful woman with whom he had a marvellous relationship. When he died, many men wanted to marry her, but she told each one the same thing: “There has been one man in my life, and no man in this world will measure up to him. He’s my man.” She refused them all, and lived out her life with her right man still in her soul.


          Even the woman’s body was designed differently from that of the man. Her anatomy is covered with erogenous zones. She was designed to respond to and be fulfilled by her right man and at the same time to fulfill him. There are certain ways in which the anatomy and physiology of one woman is designed to respond to only one man. Although it is first of all in the soul, it overflows into the body. Her response to the right man is intensive — it is physical — it is intimate — AND IT IS GLORIOUS!
          On the other hand, when the right man becomes involved with the wrong woman, he is miserable until the day he dies. All the females in the world — the most glamorous, the most beautiful, will never cut it. Without your right woman, you are an unfulfilled man. There is only one woman who has a soul and a body designed just for you, and that one woman is your half. And with some other woman you are miserable! If you have the wrong woman, you are in a mess. When a man has intimacy with anyone but his right woman, he is giving away his glory, (Reflection) to others; he is depriving his right woman of that response of glory.
          The wrong woman will be cruel; she can’t help being cruel. You weren’t designed to be with her. Everything you do in life is going to be neutralized by having the wrong woman, and it will be a cause of grieving until the day you die. Whether it is two who do not belong to each other or two who have been unfaithful to each other — either way it goes — they will never get away from the sadness and the sorrow. It can’t be drowned out or sublimated away. There’s no way you can change it. There’s one right man for one right woman. No one else will do!

          The Jews of Judah illustrate this principle perfectly...

          "How long will you go here and there, O faithless daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth-- A woman will encompass a man." (Jer 31:22)

          This verse is a warning to the Jews against apostasy, or the “fifth cycle of discipline.” (Lev 26:27-39) The backsliding daughter is Judah pictured as a woman. An analogy is set up between the Jews and their relationship with the Lord, and the right woman’s relationship to the right man. The Jews were to have one Lord! This is why their idolatry got them into so much trouble. Idolatry is often illustrated in the Bible by fornication. (Eze 16:1-63Their backsliding and apostasy resulted from negative volition toward Truth, to scar tissue on the soul; and finally idolatry.
          To awaken them to their apostasy and to remind them that there is only one Right Man, (The Lord) for them, the passage goes on to say:  “the Lord is Jesus Christ, who is the Creator. (Col 1:16) Although He created man to resolve the Angelic Conflict, He did not leave man alone. At the time of original creation, He added a Doctrine — the right woman for the right man. Neither polygamy nor harems were a part of God’s direct will! Therefore, “the Lord hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman will encompass a man.” (Jer 31:22) The true intension of this passage has been hidden in the English; but in the Hebrew it is a revolutionary statement. When the Lord Jesus Christ built the woman, what did He do next? He led the woman over to the man and the woman encompassed the man!
          “Woman” in this passage is not “Ishah,” which emphasized the whole woman. Instead, the Scripture uses “nequbah” here, which is the Hebrew word for female and emphasizes her physiology. The woman’s body is different from the man’s body. The next word, “tesobeb,” is the piel imperfect of the word “sabab,” translated here “to surround or to encompass,” and actually means “to embrace or to fit.” A woman shall fit a man. Her body is different from the male because she is designed like a lock. Did you ever get the wrong key in a lock and jam the whole apparatus? That could be the story of your married life for the next fifty years if you get the wrong man or the wrong woman!
          There is only one man who is designed for a specific woman. Your life may be characterized by “Operation skeleton key,” (Fits many locks) but it won’t work! Promiscuity destroys the whole concept of sex. A lot of you think, “so what, if I have a little fun now!” Are you ever mistaken! You are so far out of line in your thinking that you are going to make hash out of your life.
          But there is a secret to happiness in this passage that is so fantastic physiologically that when it occurs, the right man and the right woman might even rear back and say, “It’s so great, there must be something wrong!” The secret is in this phrase: “a woman shall fit a man.” It describes the design of the right man and the right woman. They have a perfect soul and physiological fit; and as a result, their relationship becomes something which is utterly fantastic and cannot be duplicated with any other person in the world. Now that is what is being taught here. 
          We understand that the man is the aggressor; but a man can be an aggressor with the wrong person, and it’s no good. The woman must fit or embrace the man. The Word for “man” in this verse is literally, “hero” (“Gaber” in the Hebrew). In other words, when the woman encompasses the right man, he is no longer just a male he is her hero — her right man!
          If you are single, I want to inject an application at this point: promiscuity can lead to more unhappiness than almost anything, with the possible exception of mental attitude sins. IT ISN’T WORTH IT, because in all of this vast world, there is just one opposite number for you designed in eternity pastJUST ONE! And you don’t have to worry God isn’t going to lose her or him in the computer. Another pitfall to avoid is that of “any port in the storm.” At some time or another, almost everyone has been “Dear Johned” or phased out, and has had some thought along this line. You young people watch out for this trap; it is the devil’s own lie and can lead to tragedy.


          For a man ought not to have his head covered, (By long hair) since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. (1Co 11:7)

          This explains the concept of “hero.” The right woman is the glory of the man just as the believer’s Spiritual life is the glory of God. First, look at, (1Co 11:13). “Judge IN yourselves: is it proper that a woman pray to God with her head uncovered?” The answer is “NO”; but how is she covered? (1Co 11:15)

          “...Her hair is given to her for a covering.” But with the man, the Bible says, “Does not even nature itself teach you that if a man has long hair, it is a dishonor to him?” (1Co 11:14) This is teaching the relationship of the right man — right woman.

          There are two glories given to the woman in this passage: her long hair is a glory as well as a sign of her submissiveness to the right man. The contrast between the short hair of the man and the long hair of the woman indicates their roles in life. The man is the aggressor and the woman is the responder. However, the woman in her sin of ignorance failed. She became the aggressor, while the man played the woman’s part. 
          Generally throughout history where men have long hair, you are looking at overt signs of a decadent society. Never has there been a society that practiced homo-sexual-ism without the comparable “long hair", such as the Greek society in the Age of Pericles. And interestingly enough, at the beginning of Roman power, the Romans had short hair, as is evidenced by the images of many of the great Romans carved out of marble and metal which have survived. Obviously, the artists who have painted the pictures of Jesus Christ with long hair didn’t know anything about the Bible, for the Bible is His Thinking, and it declares that it is a shame for a man to have long hair.
          Man as the “image of God” has to do with the characteristics of the soul: man has self-consciousness — God has self-consciousness, or awareness of self; man has mentality — God has infinite mentality; man his volition — God has sovereignty; man has emotion and appreciation — God has appreciation; man has norms and standards — God has norms and standards.
          As the glory of God, man is a “nobleman”, (Greek, "aner") or a believer responding to Truth. You see, the whole system of Operation Z has analogy to the relationship between the man and the woman. Jesus Christ initiates Truth toward the believer, as the right man initiates love toward the right woman. LIKE SEX, Truth is placed in the soul through the grace apparatus for perception, and conception takes place in the human spirit, (Jas 1:21“implanted”implanted or impregnated Word). The “seed” is Truth, (Luk 8:11) and the responder is faith, which transfers that Truth from the mind to the spirit were it becomes “epignosis” (Spiritual Thinking; 1Co 2:12-13)

          The pregnancy in the human spirit leads to four categories of children:

          (1) Frame of reference children. This is Truth cycled back to the right lobe from the human spirit for more advanced Truth, as well as Divine norms and standards, (2) The “exhale twins.” Truth is exhaled from the human spirit out the left bank of the soul toward God through faith-rest and prayer; and out the right bank toward men. (3) The eyesight children, by which we see and understand God in true perspective. (4) The Operation Z children: grace orientation, mastery of the details of life, relaxed mental attitude, capacity to love Personally and Impersonally, inner happiness and Occupation with Christ.
          In other words, there is no production from Truth unless it is believed and therefore transferred to the place where it can be utilized. When man is the glory of God, it is because he has an edification complex, (Temple; Spiritual life) of the soul.
          Now notice the rest of the analogy: “But the woman is the glory of the man.” When the right woman is fulfilled by the right man, then the woman reflects the man's Virtue. First of all, he fulfils her soul, then her body, and she becomes his glory. But she can be glory for ONLY ONE MAN! When the right woman receives from the right man, he sees her in an intimate glory which can never be surpassed in time! Foreplay and or intimacy therefore, were designed to give overt expression to this relationship; and she reflects the glory of the man, just as the Spiritual life, which can never be surpassed, reflects the glory of God!


          “The one who commits adultery with a woman is lacking sense; He who would destroy himself does it” (Pro 6:32)

          This is stated from the standpoint of the man, but the principle applies both ways. In adultery, the wrong woman gets the wrong man, and something is destroyed in her responses: in the soul, scar tissue forms physically and sex isn’t what it should be. Adultery also has an effect upon the body.

           Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take away the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? May it never be! Or do you not know that the one who joins himself to a prostitute is one body with her? For He says, "THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH." But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him. (1Co 6:15-17).

          There is an analogy here: just as the believer is in union with Christ, so there is a right man for a right woman. There is only one Savior, and every believer is in union with the Savior. Then the analogy crosses over and shows a violation: the right Savior is the Lord Jesus Christ and HIS right body and spirit is the believer and HIS ALONE! How shall the right man go to the wrong woman; any more than the believer should worship someone other than the Lord Jesus Christ? Definitely not! He violates both sides of the analogy, which is developed in the following verses:

          Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? (1Co 6:18-19)

          Fornication, mental, physical and Spiritual, are to be avoided like the plague! Why? Other sins are outside the body; but fornication is sinning against your own body. In the woman, the build-up of scar tissue leads either to nymphomania or frigidity; the man will be short-circuited so that his ability in the expression of love with the right woman will be destroyed. Add to this a guilt reaction, which usually accompanies such activity, and you have a man becoming a baby while a woman turns into a tiger with all the revenge tactics. Again the man’s and the woman’s roles are reversed!


          Monogamy is ordained by God to demonstrate that God has a right man and a right woman for each individual.

          Now concerning the things about which you wrote, it is good for a man not to touch a woman. But because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife, and each woman is to have her own husband. The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband. The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does; and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. (1Co 7:1-4)

          There must be coalescence of souls before the body comes into the picture at all. Why is pornography so popular today? Because there are so many men with wrong women that they must conjure up images in their minds with someone else before they can make love to the person with whom they have a lifetime sentence. It is violation and distortion of something that is wonderful; and it is tragic what this kind of thing does to a society. Sex is reduced to animalism. In the lower creation, the animals do not have souls. Animals will mate with any one of the same species; the animal isn’t particular. It acts only on instinct, and for procreation.
          Homosexuality, lesbianism, and masturbation are not any kind of an answer. A woman is designed for a man, and a man is designed for a woman — BUT NOT JUST ANY MAN OR ANY WOMAN. There is a RIGHT MAN and a RIGHT WOMAN! It has been true since before man sinned, and nothing will ever replace it. You can drink every bottle in town; you can sublimate in every way humanly possible; but right man — right woman relationship cannot be replaced. There is just one right man and one right woman, and when the two get together, it is the greatest thing in the world. God’s design is perfect! And the happiness derived from a right man-right woman relationship is perfect for both believer and unbeliever.

          Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; for this is your reward in life and in your toil in which you have labored under the sun. (Ecc 9:9)

          When the right man marries the right woman, even though they are unbelievers with an otherwise empty life, (Life of vanity) both can find great happiness in that relationship. Now, this statement is a rather startling one. There are very few instances such as this where any happiness outside the plan of God and the grace of God can actually exist. But here we have an exception: an unbeliever, or even a believer with scar tissue on the soul, can find the right woman, the right man, and still have happiness in that relationship.
          Now, why is this so important? Because it emphasizes a principle: if an unbeliever with an empty life can be happy with the right woman, just think what you can be as a believer with a COMPLETED edification complex, (Spiritual life, Temple in the soul) and the right woman, or right man! There’s no end to itit’s just fantastic!


          One of the questions asked most frequently, and one I am sure many of you are waiting for, is “How can I tell when it’s the right man, or the right woman?” There are many signals, but the best solution to build an edification complex in the soul. (Reach Spiritual maturity Then you will have a built in radar set that gives you the blips on the screen to KNOW WHO THE "RIGHT ONE" IS and or KNOW WHAT THE "RIGHT EVERYTHING" ELSE IS; THAT GOD PROVIDES! (Eph 3:20-21)
 In other words, “don’t worry” about it at all, just work on the edification complex. (Mat 6:32-34) I never saw a person with a completed Spiritual life that didn’t have enough sense to know when the right one comes along, but I can’t assume that all of you have working edification complex. So there has to be another way.
          When I think of all the knuckleheads who take out some doll and test her to see whether she is the right woman, or the girls who on the first date ask how many children he wants or what kind of furniture he likes, I understand why so many are running scared! Some of you ought to shape up a bit. When you have a date, it should be something innocent. It may cut the loneliness, but that person isn’t your right man or your right woman. If you’re under 22 or 23, you don’t have enough knowledge yet to know what right man or right woman is!
          Now remember, the Principle of right manright woman is for unbelievers as well as believers. The recognition signals are for both categories. I should like to suggest eight of them, all from the Song of Solomon. In most of these passages, the Shulamite woman is speaking of her shepherd lover — right man right woman. (Christ and growing believers and or Spiritually mature believers)

          (1) Personal Virtue love involves God and ONE person in your soul whom you never forget and cannot erase. (Impersonal Virtue love involves ALL; and even enemies; Brotherly Virtue love is for believers Thinking with Truth“Tell me, O you whom my SOUL loves...” (Song 1:7Someone who merely turns you on physically, but is not in your soul, is not the right man or right woman. The right one will be in your soul FIRST. Physical attractiveness is not eliminated, but it isn’t the key. When a man, (Or woman) is very tender at one time, and very tough at another, yet he is still in your soul, that’s the person. Your soul will photograph a person and that person is there forever. So your recognition of right man or right woman begins in the soul.
          Today sex or body love has been emphasized to the exclusion of soul love. The movies, books, Satan's system and advertising, all glorify sex, completely apart from the soul. I have concluded that this is why so many are asking the question concerning identification of right man or right woman. They hear nothing but the body and sex and don’t even know they have a soul. As a result, young people are getting their soul-kicks from drugs. There is an element in this country today which goes in for socialism in sex, which is nothing more than indiscriminate sex practices, or free love. But since there is no soul relationship, they are escaping with sex and drugs! The whole Principle in emotional training, even in medical school, it is focused on the body. Consequently, there is increased fornication on the one hand and homosexuality on the other!
          You teenagers should have an empty soul, as far as right man or right woman is concerned. Your capacity for Personal love for God and right man right woman is not yet ready. You should be filling your soul now with norms and standards and Divine THINKING from Bible Truth so that you will have the basis upon which to identify the right man or right woman at the right time. Recognition occurs in your soul, not in your physiological being.

          (2) Virtue love demands knowledge. “May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine.” (Song 1:2) As a person learns about the quality and uses of wine, so a man needs to know something about women, and particularly about one woman, under all conditions. There never was a woman who didn’t have many sides; and if you are such an idiot that you see only one or two — sex and food, for example — then you have missed something really wonderful in life — the whole point of the Doctrine of right man and right woman. A lot of you are never going to find your right man or right woman because you don’t know a thing about people.
          You girls, by the same token, need to understand something about men. For example, you need to recognize the “wolf.” This type of man has a fantastic, though misplaced confidence in himself, based on pride. He believes that women cannot resist him. Women who are dumb about men are always impressed by this pseudo self-confidence. Frequently, when a man makes such a point of self-confidence, it is a veneer to hide insecurity. A man who assumes that he is irresistible to all women is in great danger Spiritually as well as physically and mentally. Excessive love of self — operation “over-think” — destroys the capacity to love in both the male and the female.

          For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to Think so as to have sound judgment, (Humility) as God has allotted to each a measure of faith. (The Thinking of Christ) (Rom 12:3)

             Relationship with others, other than the
right man or right woman destroys the whole Principle which God has designed. I am sure the “chaser” has never considered that his whole operation is anti-God, because God designed the right man for the right woman. Although Solomon has been regarded as a great lover, he was actually the most frustrated person alive. After so many women, he no longer had the capacity to love. Promiscuity put so much scar tissue on his soul, it knocked him out.
          Solomon’s aggressiveness was related only to his selfishness and egocentricity and not to his love; but thought only in terms of what he wanted to do. Aggressiveness related to true Virtue love always considers the desires of the one he or she loves. A man doesn’t have to do a lot of things to be happy under true Virtue love; all he needs is for the woman to be happy.
          From all outward appearances, Solomon was the most desirable man in the world: he had great physical beauty, he was the wealthiest man of his day, and he had extra ordinary wisdom. But a smart woman would think twice right here — This type of man will have to break a lifelong habit of self-centeredness in order to find the right woman; otherwise, he will make an extremely poor lover. The woman’s feelings, her soul, or her body will never be considered. Egotism works on egoism in this type of man.
           Let’s stop and get a Principle right now: experience does not make a good lover! This is one of the greatest fallacies in right man --- right woman love. A lot of women are deceived on the idea that they need experience in order to be a good responder. But it is not experience which makes a good lover — it is the RIGHT MAN and the RIGHT WOMAN! Experience is the result!
          This also brings out another great danger; many times a woman will go for a man because she thinks everyone else’s is going for him!
          Now, what about the current idea that in order to repay a man for a nice date, you must kiss him goodnight; or you must show your appreciation for the amount of money he spent on you by an equal amount of “necking”? The argument is that if you don’t, you won’t be popular, you won’t be invited out again, etc. Well, so what? You’ll also avoid all the pitfalls this kind of activity invites. Physical response should come only from soul response; and it is impossible in the course of a date or two to determine true soul response.

          (3) Virtue love is protective, both when the right man is present and when he is absent. When present: (Song 2:4) “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” The word for “banner” means a “Standard of protection.” (Truth in his soul) The right man is not only her Lord, he is her protector at all times. When absent: (Song 1:13) — “A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me; it (Literally) shall lie all night between my breasts.” Myrrh has a very lovely aroma. In the ancient world, a woman wore a bag of myrrh all night, which hung between her breasts. This pictures the sweet fragrance of memories of the right man in her soul when he is absent. She is protected in his absence by this fragrance of memory. The right woman can go anywhere in the world and be protected by the memory of her right man. This is a beautiful picture of Truth protecting the believer from temptation.

          (4) Virtue love must come from volition or free will. “...Do not arouse or awaken my love Until she pleases." (Song 2:7The word “pleases” indicates volition. True love always involves the operation of free will. Any man who seeks to destroy or coerce the volition of a woman is the WRONG MAN! The right man recognizes that what isn’t freely given isn’t worth having. Some men will never understand what true love is all about because to them a woman is a “slot machine”: you put a coin in a slot and get sex. There’s no volition involved in this kind of activity. Although a woman is a responder, once she is positive toward a man, she becomes aggressive in pleasing him. Response in itself has an aggressiveness. This is declared in the woman’s volition. 

          (5) True Virtue love is tone-oriented. “Listen! My beloved! "My beloved responded and said to me, 'Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, And come along.
 (Song 2:8-10Right man and right woman respond only to each other! A right man, (Or vice versa) can always tell the mood, the status of the condition of his right woman by the tone of her voice!

          (6) The woman’s love responds to the right man when present: “Let his left hand be under my head And his right hand embrace me.” (Song 2:6) And when he is absent: “On my bed night after night I sought him Whom my soul loves; I sought him but did not find him.” (Song 3:1) We might say in modern colloquialism, “he turns you on.” This is not ordinary libido; any normal, healthy body has that at times. I’m referring to something beyond libido. I am almost afraid to give this for one reason: some people in the midst of a wave of libido see a big smile and hear a fast line, and they assume that “this is it.” And it isn’t! They are just caught in a wave of libido and are impressed by certain personalities; but it doesn’t mean a thing.
           Personal Virtue love in the woman, triggers insatiability to the point of total desire and a total surrender that excludes even her natural pride. (By reaching Spiritual maturity) The right man’s aggressiveness and passion will be consistent and these will satisfy her soul and, later on, her body. There’s an elapse of time here, for remember, soul Virtue love MUST PRECEDE sex love! The woman who experiences this for the first time often cries; it is just too much!

          (7) When unreciprocated, love can cause a strange illness, for which there is only one cure: Sustain me with raisin cakes, Refresh me with apples, Because I am lovesick.” (Literally) (Song 2:5) “Raisin cakes” and “apples” are tantamount to smelling salts. She is love-sick with unreciprocated love for her absent shepherd lover.

          (8) Personal Virtue love is recognized by the two persons involved. “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine...” (Song 6:3“I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.” (Song 7:10) There is no doubt about her lover; she has absolute confidence regarding her right man.


          “But to the married I give instructions, not I, but the Lord, that the wife should not leave her husband. ” (1Co 7:10

          The Principle of right man — right woman is behind this Command. But, you may say, Why, if I ever find the right man, would I want to leave him?” NO you’ll want to see him gloriously happy!

          If it is the right man — right woman and you do have a squabble, (Rebound immediately; Eph 4:26-27)  because there will never be anyone else! You may go shopping around; but, if you marry someone else, you’ve had it! 
          I know of several cases where if was apparently right man — right woman, but having married in their teens, which is a ghastly mistake, they were too young to realize that they had “lucked out.” So they broke out, divorced, married another, and then realized that the first one was the right one. But , Biblically speaking, they can never go back together. The marriage has been short-circuited, and it’s all over. Reconciliation must take place before such a tragedy occurs.
          The point of this is that in the case of right man — right woman, if one or the other leaves, no matter whether he (Or she) stays away a long time or a short time, don’t go out and marry someone else. Get patched up! (Be reconciled)


          When the believer marries the right woman, he has received grace from the Lord. (Pro 18:22) “He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favour from the LORD.” This verse has been badly distorted because of its poor translation. I have heard emotional male-types, just back from their honeymoon, say, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing — and I’ve found a good thing!” And she blushed, and he glowed, and everyone beamed at the young couple, and it was sickening! A good rule of thumb is to keep your mouth shut for at least a year; and them if you still feel the same way, quote the verse correctly: “He who finds a GOOD WIFE” — not a “good thing”; Just getting married is not necessarily a good thing; you can find a wife and find a bad thing! In fact, Proverbs warns about a nagging woman! Do you know what a “good wife” is? Right woman! “He who finds the right woman receives GRACE FROM THE LORD!” (LiterallyThe point is, when the believer marries the right woman, it is the GRACE OF GOD! The alternative to this grace gift from the Lord is a life of misery and unhappiness!

“A foolish son is destruction to his father, And the contentions of a wife, (Literally, the naggings of a wife) are a continual dripping. (Like Chinese water torture) House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers, But a PRUDENT, (WITH IT! CRAFTY IN A DIVINE GOOD WAY!) wife is from the LORD! (Pro 19:13-14)

          Marrying the wrong woman can be “Chinese water torture”; and this disaster generally results from not waiting for the right one! You can inherit many things, but the right woman comes ONLY from the Lord. He leads her to you; but you have to wait for her; you have to be prepared, and you have to be able to recognize her!
          Exactly what is a “prudent” wife? “Prudent” is “Ishah” (Woman) “maskaleth” (Wise or wisdom) in the Hebrew. The hiphil stem means “to cause to be wise.” That means she is a believer, and she is functioning daily under the grace apparatus for perception. (Operation ZShe has constructed an edification complex in her soul. And when the Lord leads this kind of woman to you, you have great blessing and happiness. Not only does the Lord bring the right woman from the standpoint of her soul and body, but what makes it so perfect is that she is Spiritually prepared. If you have to wait a hundred years, SHE’S WORTH WAITING FOR!


          Just as the Lord Jesus Christ is the Shepherd and Guardian of the believer’s soul, so the right man is to the woman’s soul. (1Pe 2:25; 1Pe 3:1) So that we might understand the whole concept, let’s begin back at, (1Pe 2:24). 

          “And He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.  (Literally, reconciled).

          Jesus Christ possesses all the essence of Deity, and therefore, as God, He cannot die. Eternal life cannot die; immutability cannot change; sovereignty is not subject to death; omnipresence cannot reduce itself to one point. Consequently, in order to die for our sins, Jesus Christ had to become a true member of the human race. All the sins of the world were poured out on the humanity of Christ. The physical death of Christ did not provide our salvation; in His humanity He died Spiritually. He was separated from God the Father and God the Holy Spirit as He bore every sin in the human race in His human body. (Isa 53:11)
          Why was this necessary? The next phrase tells us: “we were dead in sins.” The first man was perfect or innocent until he went negative signals toward God; then he acquired an old sin nature, which rendered him Spiritually dead — no fellowship with God. The sin nature is passed down to every member of the human race so that we are all born Spiritually dead and without capability of fellowship with God. (Rom 5:12)
          When Christ went to the cross, He had a perfect righteousness which satisfied the Father. The justice of the Father was satisfied when our sins were poured out on Christ and were judged. The Father was completely satisfied with the work of Christ on the cross. God is now free to love us without being inconsistent with His own righteousness and justice. God’s love toward us through salvation is fantastic and unique, based totally on His character. We can do nothing to gain it, nothing to earn it, nothing to improve upon it; it is all of GRACE. That’s why salvation is simply, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.” (Act 16:31)

          The believer in Jesus Christ has the righteousness of Christ and the means by which he can live daily unto righteousness — the grace apparatus of perception; (Operation Z) furthermore, Christ becomes the Shepherd and the Guardian of his soul. 
          “For ye were as sheep going astray, but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Guardian of your souls.” (1Pe 2:25One of the 40 things that God does for the believer at the moment of salvation is to activate for him a human spirit by which he can understand and fully possess Spiritual Thinking. (1Co 2:12This human spirit is an empty storage area for all the categories of God's Thinking that the believer is to Think with in time! (Psa 1:1-3Through the human spirit, Jesus Christ is able to guard our souls. His protection is “food.”  We are sheep; we have to have a green pastureBible Thinking, which is the Mind of Christ; and when we take in Truth, our souls are protected from going astray, through sin, false Truth and human old sin nature good.
          The right man is also guardian of the right woman’s soul. This lays a tremendous responsibility on the man. It requires orientation to the grace of God and complete understanding of the plan of God. We see here why the woman is called the “weaker vessel.” (1Pe 3:7) She is not necessarily weak physically. On the inside a woman has a vulnerable soul. She has insatiability toward the man. Only the manthe right mancan fulfil her soul. (Gen 3:16) Once the woman finds the right man, she is dependent on him, and therefore, she is called the weaker vessel.
          This Principle becomes manifest at a very early age and is described by the expression “boy crazy.” A teenage girl thinks all boys are wonderful — and that is a characteristic of the weaker vessel. Since teenage dates are rarely ever right man — right woman, the young man must be aware that he has a responsibility to guard the young woman’s soul for her right man. While some teenager is dating his future right woman and guarding her soul, he is dating another’s future right woman and guarding her soul. Therefore, teenage dating places great responsibility on the young man in avoiding anything that would build scar tissue on his soul and the soul of his date!
          When a woman loves a man, she has the “instincts of love” She automatically does the things that please him. (Col 3:22) The woman’s job is declared to be to please her husband. This is a Biblical Principle of Virtue love. It is described in, (1Pe 3:1-6) as subjection or submission to her right man. She is under the authority of the man, although it is not designed to be intolerable slavery, but a life of happiness! (When both have Spiritual maturity) Why? Because her insatiability is satisfied by this submission!
          The woman from her own volition surrenders her freedom to the right man at marriage.  She is not making a trade-out protection for giving her body to a man; she surrenders her soul. The man in turn has the responsibility of fulfilling her soul. Compatibility begins with the inner life, not with an overt attraction. A woman gives to the man she loves all that she has — not money or status symbols — but her soul and her body. But never get the cart before the horse — the soul must come first. When her soul is given, then the expression of intimacy through the giving of her body becomes a most fantastic thing. Anything else is meaningless. If some of you men have wondered why things have never clicked with you after the honeymoon, you may have forgotten that a woman has a soul, and the soul must be filled. She is a vessel; she is a vacuum seeking to draw something in to her soul; that something is: The Virtue love and Truth of the right man!
          All women have a norm or standard about men. This leads to preconceived ideas, which can be a great danger, and renders women vulnerable. Almost every woman enters womanhood with the dream of her man as a knight in shining armour. When some bird comes along with a fast line and an attractive exterior, he appeals to her, and she immediately assumes this is her knight. He may have no norms or standards, but she grabs him, shoves him into her armor false thinking and marries him. Then she unzips the armor, and out comes a “monster.” Many a romance has been ruined by marriage because the man had been stuffed into an armor which didn’t fit him at all.
          Before you ladies ever consider marriage, you should thoroughly understand the Truth of “subjection.” You are surrendering your soul as well as your body to the man you marry. You men should completely understand that you are the guardian of the woman’s soul, as well as of her body. Such a marriage becomes greater as the years advance. Before you ever enter into marriage with a man, make sure he is the one you want for the guardian of your soul and body. If he is just a sex athlete, a meal ticket or a status symbol or an escape hatchforget it!
          Ask yourself, are you willing to make this man your lord? Are you willing to do this for life? If not, you have the wrong man. To become one with a man, the woman must surrender her freedom. In return, she receives his love, adoration, protection and companionship. If it is the wrong man, marriage becomes slavery; if it is the right man, marriage becomes one of the greatest blessings of life!


          Found in the Song of Solomon are more passages of the Doctrine of right man — right woman; which I want to bring to your attention.

          "Put me like a seal over your heart, Like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, Jealousy is as severe as Sheol; Its flashes are flashes of fire, The very flame of the LORD. "Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it; If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, It would be utterly despised." (Song 8:6-7)

          The Shepherd lover is the “right man”; (Christ Jesus the Lord) the Shulamite woman, (Growing and Spiritually mature believers) is his “right woman.” In this passage, the shepherd lover is speaking to the Shulamite woman. (All Believers) What he says to her --- and her response, beginning in the middle of the verse, add up to one of the most beautiful pictures of Virtue love. The categorical Principle in this passage is a combination of soul and body relationship between one man and one woman, designed by God in eternity past.
          In the phrase, “Put me like a seal upon your heart,” we have the soul relationship of right manright woman. It is a Command by a man who is an aggressor in the right direction, and who has properly assessed the situation. He is facing his right woman; she is in his soul; he is in her soul, and they both know this. Although he orders her, his order is based upon a relationship in which he has previously recognized her volition; and in this case, she has willingly surrendered her volition to the one who is in her soul. Every woman has free will, and as far as a relationship with the opposite sex is concerned, there is only one person designed by God who will be in her soul, to whom she will also surrender soul and body, willingly of her own volition.
          The Hebrew word for “seal” is a very special one — “chotam.” This is the signet right which a woman carried around her neck. Usually it was suspended on a leather thong or a chain or string, and was of such length that it dropped between her breasts. In, (Gen 38:18) we have a similar illustration. When carried by the woman around her neck, the signet ring indicated that she understood there was one man who would fulfil her, who could wear that ring, and the ring would fit. In other words, when the woman recognized that she had something to give ONE MAN, she waited for him; and that is the story of Song of Solomon.
          The signet ring is said, first of all, to be upon the heart. The heart refers to the “right lobe”; (Conscience or norm and standard lobe). This is the part of the soul which is involved in having the right man in the soul. Remember, soul love precedes sex love. The man must be in the right lobe of her soul before she surrenders her body to him. Once in her soul the right man never leaves. There is no way she can get him out; she will never be satisfied with another man. She might be unfaithful, but she will never be satisfied. Ezekiel 16 describes the frustration of a woman trying to erase her right man from her soul.

       "Then I passed by you and saw you, and behold, you were at the time for love; so I spread My skirt over you and covered your nakedness. I also swore to you and entered into a Covenant with you so that you became Mine," declares the Lord GOD. "Then I bathed you with water, washed off your blood from you and anointed you with oil. "I also clothed you with embroidered cloth and put sandals of porpoise skin on your feet; and I wrapped you with fine linen and covered you with silk. "I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your hands and a necklace around your neck. "I also put a ring in your nostril, earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown on your head. "Thus you were adorned with gold and silver, and your dress was of fine linen, silk and embroidered cloth. You ate fine flour, honey and oil; so you were exceedingly beautiful and advanced to royalty. (Eze 16:8-13)

          "You adulteress wife, who takes strangers instead of her husband! (Eze 16:32)

          "You have borne the penalty of your lewdness and abominations," the LORD declares. For thus says the Lord GOD, "I will also do with you as you have done, you who have despised the oath by breaking the Covenant. "Nevertheless, I will remember My Covenant with you in the days of your youth, and I will establish an everlasting Covenant with you. "Then you will remember your ways and be ashamed when you receive your sisters, both your older and your younger; and I will give them to you as daughters, but not because of your Covenant. "Thus I will establish My Covenant with you, and you shall know that I am the LORD, so that you may remember and be ashamed and never open your mouth anymore because of your humiliation, when I have forgiven you for all that you have done," the Lord GOD declares.
(Eze 16:58-63)

          In the heart — that is, the right lobe, the right man fulfils the right woman soulishly: he fulfils her norms and standards; he gives Divine Reality to her romantic dreams; he provides fragrance of memories; he provides soul stimulation. All bona fide intimacy emanates from the soul.
          Right man-right woman do not stop with a soul relationship. Physical or body relationship follows; and therefore, he adds: “as a seal (Or signet ring) upon your arm.” (Song 8:6) The arm refers to the whole arm, including the lower arm or fingers. It also means strength: “as a seal or signet ring upon your strength.” A woman is strengthened by her relationship with her right man! The ring is also a sign of that enduring relationship. 
          The Principle behind the soul and body relationship comes out in the next phrase, “for love is as strong as death.” The Hebrew word for “love” is an infinitive which becomes a noun, and is derived from the verb “ahab.” In the qal stem, it means “to breathe hard, to pant, to desire, to be in ecstasy.” However, the connotation here is right man — right woman When “ahab” is worked into a noun by using the infinitive form, “ahabah,” it becomes a feminine noun, which connotes Virtue love, (Right man — right woman) and it includes both soul relationship and body relationship, in THAT ORDER.
          The word for “strong” in the Hebrew denotes strength in the sense of fortification. In Virtue love, the right man is a fortification. The right man is a fortification around the woman’s soul and body. In fact, Virtue love is a two-way street. Each fortifies the other, each protects the other, each satisfies and fulfils the other. “As death” is an analogy to bring out the fact that billions of years ago in eternity past, God the Father actually designed provision for your death — dying grace. He also provided for your life — living grace, which includes the right man or the right woman. Since both were designed in eternity past; a love, which is strong as death, is a protective love.
          “Love as strong as death” also goes back to the emphasis on the soul. What leaves your body when you die? Your soul! And in a sense, you take your right man or your right woman with you. You do not leave, as it were your memories, your fragrance, or your soul relationship behind. Although the comparative is not used, this also has the connotation of something stronger than death. There are things in life that are stronger then death because they were designed by God in eternity past.
          Now we come to the enemy of love: “jealousy” is as severe as the grave.” (Song 8:6) The mental attitude sin of jealousy, as well as other mental attitude sins, destroy the capacity for Virtue love. 
          If you are perfectly clear on this, and you have never had one problem with jealousy, you have probably NOT fallen in "human love," But you might as well start taking in Truth DAILY, (Like two or three hours a day minimum!) just to keep yourself in shape for right man or right woman!
          Jealousy is cruelharsh or hardened; it even means to have scar tissue. And then follows an analogy; “as Sheol.” Just as the grave robs the loved one, so jealousy robs of love capacity where right man or right woman is involved. Jealousy causes the same type of bereavement, except that you become hard rather than soft. When you lose a loved one through death, you are tender and compassionate; but when you lose a loved one through jealousy, you are hard and cruel. Right man — right woman is something God did in eternity past; but jealousy is something YOU do. 

          Fire is the perfect illustration of Virtue love. “Her (Love’s) flames are the flames of fire.” This is the passion, the power, the intensity of Virtue love, the fire that never stops burning. Virtue love is unique: “…A fierce flame.” As Song of Solomon stands in the KJV, God is not mentioned. However, in the original Hebrew, God is in this passage. Evidently, the scribes who translated the Hebrew were ascetic and couldn’t imagine that God would sponsor anything as much fun as sex; therefore, they removed His name in a very neat way: they simply took out a dagesh, and “God” disappeared. There were no spaces between words in the Hebrew; but by leaving the dagesh out, they hid the word for “God.”
          Following the reading, “flames of”   “shalhebet” and “her” is “jah”; but with a dagesh, it means “God.” “Jah", which isn’t the usual word, but a short ending of it, is used instead of Jehovah in this passage to indicate that God provides a right man for every right woman, whether believer or unbeliever. Therefore, every right manright woman relationship is from the Lord in the sense that it was designed in eternity past. And the intensity of this relationship is described by the analogy to fire.
          “Many waters cannot quench love.” (Song 8:7) Water puts out fire, but all the water in the world cannot put out this fire. What are “many waters?” Pressures, disasters, difficulties, misunderstandings, and acts of unfaithfulness, lies, mental attitude sins! Did you ever intend to pour water on a fire and accidentally pour kerosene on it instead? Then you get the picture here. In pressure the flames only increase. 

          A case in point is:

          A wild donkey accustomed to the wilderness, That sniffs the wind in her passion. In the time of her heat who can turn her away? All who seek her will not become weary; In her month they will find her.“Keep your feet from being unshod And your throat from thirst; But you said, 'It is hopeless! No! For I have loved strangers, And after them I will walk.” (Jer 2:25)

          Here is the, “right woman” but she has resorted to two escapisms: infidelity and alcohol. “Keep your feet from being unshod” means that she is taking off her shoes in some other man’s tent. (Sex) “And your throat from thirst.” (Drunkenness) “But you said, “'It is hopeless! No!..” Never! And why? “My right man,” this woman is saying, (Which by illustration is the Lord) “will never forgive me; there is no hope; I am a lush and a tramp, for I have loved strangers, and after them will I go.” She realizes that the right man is still in her soul, but she has given up hope for reconciliation.

          Now in, (Jer 2:32— “Can a virgin forget her ornaments, (This is the right man) or a bride her attire? Yet My people have forgotten me Days without number.” Is the Lord unfaithful? No! Right man — right woman is the illustration of God’s faithfulness. Remember, this woman has gone chasing; she is a lush and a tramp; yet it doesn’t put out the fire. That should give some of you something to think about!
          (Jer 2:33) — “How well you prepare your way To seek love! Therefore even the wicked women You have taught your ways.”

          In other words, you have made love cheap; you have gone after a lot of men, and you have taught others to follow your ways. But this doesn’t make any difference, because, as the Right Man, the Lord is faithful. (Jer 3:12-15)
          There is something here a lot of you will never understand, and some of you are going to be hurt very badly if you don’t understand... No matter what your right man or right woman does, it is not going to put out the fire. You can get mad, you can be upset, you can fall apart, but you can’t extinguish the flamein time or eternity!
          “Love”; (Song 8:6-7) refers to the right man — right woman relationship designed by God. God designs everything in a permanent way, and this goes back to the analogy of the flames which build up rather than become extinguished. “Her flames are the flames of fire; the flame is from the Lord! Many waters are not ever able to extinguish the love.” It is God’s design, and that’s it! 
          “Neither can rivers overflow it...” The word for “rivers” denotes all types of situations. “Rivers overflow” are maximum pressures, the most powerful enemies of Virtue love. Whatever they happen to be, they can’t destroy it! It can’t be inundated or swept away by a flood of pressures.


          “...If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, It would be utterly despised” (Song 8:7)

          “Despising, they would despise him.” Since it is God’s grace design in eternity past, it cannot be purchased or bribed. Virtue love is not only one of the greatest experiences in life, it is a road to grace orientation. (And it must be freely received)
          Always remember, a woman will never love a man she can use. She may use his body, his brains, his bankroll, his status, his influence, his power, BUT SHE WILL NEVER LOVE HIM! At best, she will be fond of him. At worst, she will be bored with him. She may be entertained by him; she may be stimulated by him; she may be flattered by him; but she will never love him!
          Her right man will not be so used. She will love, admire and respect him because he preserves her femininity and controls her bitchiness. She will call him “lord”; she will look for him and find him in her soul. Once he is in her soul, no other man will ever be satisfactory! She may pervert the Truth of right man and right woman by mentally cheating on him, by fornicating with another man, by killing a bottle of gin, but at the end of the party, when the bottle is empty, when her temporary sex partner is snoring, when all forms of sublimation are a dead end, or when she marries out of spite or hurts him with the wrong man, she will discover TOO LATE that the right man is still IN HER SOUL! But between them is a mountain of scar tissue. She is left with a love-sickness for which there is no cure, a web of sublimation from which she herself cannot escape. ONLY BIBLE THINKING, ONLY THE GRACE OF GOD can remove the impassable barrier between that right man and right — a tragedy of two people designed by God for each other becoming ships that pass in the night!

       ...If a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, It would be utterly despised. (Song 8:7) cf.

       Who has believed our message? And to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? For He grew up before Him like a tender shoot, And like a root out of parched ground; He has no stately form or majesty That we should look upon Him, Nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him. He was despised and forsaken of men, A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; And like one from whom men hide their face He was despised, and we did not esteem Him. Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried; Yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, Smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed. All of us like sheep have gone astray, Each of us has turned to his own way; But the LORD has caused the iniquity of us all To fall on Him. He was oppressed and He was afflicted, Yet He did not open His mouth; Like a lamb that is led to slaughter, And like a sheep that is silent before its shearers, So He did not open His mouth. By oppression and judgment He was taken away; And as for His generation, who considered That He was cut off out of the land of the living For the transgression of my people, to whom the stroke was due? His grave was assigned with wicked men, Yet He was with a rich man in His death, Because He had done no violence, Nor was there any deceit in His mouth. But the LORD was pleased To crush Him, putting Him to grief; If He would render Himself as a guilt offering, He will see His offspring, He will prolong His days, And the good pleasure of the LORD will prosper in His hand. As a result of the anguish of His soul, He will see it and be satisfied; By His knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, As He will bear their iniquities. Therefore, I will allot Him a portion with the great, And He will divide the booty with the strong; Because He poured out Himself to death, And was numbered with the transgressors; Yet He Himself bore the sin of many, And interceded for the transgressors. (Isa 53:1-12)

       For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich. (2Co 8:9)
        Christ gave all the riches of His house for us; will it be despised?

          "I am My Beloved's, And His desire is for me!
(Song 7:10)


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